Acute Toxicity

Acute toxicity

• Acute oral toxicity by fixed dose procedure OECD 420
• Acute oral toxicity by acute toxic class procedure OECD 423
• Acute oral toxicity by up and down procedure OECD 425
• Acute dermal toxicity OECD 402
• Acute inhalation toxicity OECD 403

Skin irritation / corrosion

• In vivo acute dermal irritation / corrosion OECD 404
• in vitro skin corrosion test on human skin model OECD 431
• in vitro membrane barrier test for skin corrosion OECD 435
• in vitro skin irritation test on human skin model OECD 439

Eye irritation / corrosion

• In vivo acute eye irritation / corrosion OECD 405
• In vitro skin sensitization on human skin model OECD 431
• In vitro isolated chicken eye test for identifying ocular corrosives and sever irritants OECD 438

Skin sensitization

• In vivo in guinea pigs OECD 406 Magnusson Klingmann
• In vivo skin sensitization (LLNA) OECD 429
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